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Susan has been with Joy Robichaud & Associates for over 6 years.  She previously worked in Washington DC for Architectural Digests Top 100 Designer, Thomas Pheasant.  She is Joy’s “right-hand (wo)man” and together they make a great team.  Susan believes that efficient bookkeeping and organizational systems are imperative to the success of a design firm.   When not working she spends her time with her husband, and chasing after her toddler two boys—Henry and Evan.

Our Team


     Susan Stowman
         Lisa Lammert
               Design Coordinator
                              Allied ASID

Lisa joined Joy Robichaud & Associates in the summer of 2016, after working with Joy previously for several years.  Lisa has over a decade of design and project management experience.  She handles the various "behind the scenes" details that are essential for successful design.  Outside of JRA, Lisa manages her own design business and enjoys antique "junk" shopping and spending time with her husband, Paul, and three girls - Brekkyn, Maya and Aubrey. 


“Dearest Joy, How do I love thee…let me count the ways…  Tom and I were just talking about our meeting today and how much you and I can accomplish in a blink of an eye. I love working with you.  Tom and I enjoy everything you and I created in my Bald Eagle home.  I’m sitting on the porch in the wicker furniture with the gorgeous fabric, and I always love my living room with the stunning striped chairs.  It’s exhilarating to be working on a project with you again.”  

-Katherine Harris

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